Submarine Broadcasting Company

Welcome to Submarine Broadcasting Company, an independent label specialising in ambient and experimental music, art rock and post rock.

We do downloads, CD’s and some very special cassettes, all from amazing independent artists from across the globe.

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The Submarine Broadcasting Company is an independent net label specialising in ambient and experimental music, art rock and post-rock.

In the distant past (2017, but seems longer) we released One String Inspiration, a compilation of original pieces made using home made instruments, with sales going to the Syria Relief organisation.  This was followed by Post:Soc, Exhibition and Klang. Many of the contributors to these projects became our resident artists and include Alan Morse Davies, Stringmodulator, Beltism, t.r. hand, Manipulant, GOATS, the Glove of Bones, Manipulant and many more.

We often feature guest artists, who have included Cousin Silas, qualchan., Ippu Mitsui, Cloud Diameter, cacero lazo, Andrulian and many other fellow travellers.

Regular readers (and our highly intricate database tells us that this is actually a thing and we are so happy!!) can also sign up to our SUPPORTERS CLUB to get everything we release plus special extras for an incredibly low monthly subscription.

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News from the conning tower. Find out about new projects, news, reviews and forthcoming releases here.

Constant Imbalances III // Hans Castrup

The newly released Constant Imbalances III is reviewed HERE on Beach Sloth, and for this we are eternally grateful. Transcribed……. Unstable compositions aptly named, Hans Castrup’s “Constant Imbalances” plays with dissonance. Piano features prominently throughout adding the melody and, at times, the rhythm. Everything within the compositions gets melted away. With the inclusion of electronics, the …

goii // The German Ocean

goii (German Ocean 2) is the follow up to the Brighton post-ambient dronescape merchants’ eponymous debut, also launched via Submarine Broadcasting Company earlier this year. Where The German Ocean took listeners to the cold deep North seas, goii reaches for the skies. Darren tells us that the five (six if you include download-only / companion …


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