Contact & Submission Guidelines

The Submarine Broadcasting Company is an independent net label specialising in beautiful, original and singularly creative music that interests us and we hope will interest our audience.

We are pleased to accept submissions but would ask those interested to try to follow the following guidelines.

·      Let us know a little bit about you. Send us links to your previous, write a little about your intentions, what you hope to achieve. We want to get a feeling for how you might fit into the Submarine crew of artists.

·      If you have a website, a Bandcamp page, previous releases, include some links so we can see where you are at.

·      Send us your files (mp3, mp4, wav, flac are fine for review purposes) by either Dropbox or We Transfer link in the message.

·      If you think you will need artwork assistance, are interested in physical product (CD or cassette) please give us an indication of what you have mind.

That’s about it initially. If we think we can work with you, we will send a more detailed indication of how a partnership might work. Our aim is to release beautiful music that fits into our world and make to it as easy as possible for the artist to get heard.

For at least the first part of 2022 we will be putting out fewer releases than we have previously. This is in order to give the releases some space, and to allow those below decks to do a good job for the artists.

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