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News from the conning tower: British Library

I have been approached by the British Library to lodge copies of Post:Soc and One String Inspiration with them for posterity.

Speaking entirely personally, while this is not strictly a badge of merit like being inducted into the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame or anything, I am quite proud that something a group of worldwide independent musicians and and I have jointly made will be preserved for future generations to puzzle over, and it’s nice to think of One String Inspiration nestling comfortably between Never Mind the Bollocks and Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

I’ll try to post an update when the recordings have been accessioned (that’s the term, apparently) and we can all converge on the British Library and demand to hear them.


One String Inspiration – name your price!

Ahead of the Post:Soc “big push” (more on that later) and some exciting new projects we’re launching (even more on that even later), we’ve made the OSI download from Bandcamp “name your price”, so you can pay as little (or as much) as you want. Remember kids, this is for charity, so be nice.

Also, we’ve marked down the price of the CDs – there are only a handful left and we want to make some space for the Post:Soc Post:Script CDs – so if you are stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts for the ambient/experimental/harsh noise fan in your life, now’s the time to act!

Review of One String Inspiration from Monolith Cocktail

A lovely review of One String Inspiration (you’ll need to scroll down a bit; we’re not top billing!)

Monolith Cocktail Blog


Not that I ever mean to do it, but this month’s roundup does have a tenuous theme of sorts, or rather many of the releases in this, the 52nd edition of my eclectic revues, are more or less all experimenting with the electronic music format in one way or another. The sagacious counterculture totem and beatnik poet of renown, John Sinclair leads the charge this month, his vivid jazz lyricism recitations put to an evocative soundtrack by Youth on the mini-album Beatnik Youth Ambient. Jono Podmore’s recently re-launched label, Psychomat, follows up on the inaugural release with another electronic peregrination – this time far more melodic and dreamy –, from the mysterious Reason Stendec. Working in isolation and apart, never meeting in person, the Room Of Wires duo release their third EP of otherworldly and atmospheric techno and downtempo beats, Black…

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The Story So Far…

So far, the releases on Submarine Broadcasting Co. look something like this:

  • The ‘One String Inspiration’ compilation benefit for Syria Relief
  • The ‘Traumnovelle’ EP by Beltism
  • The ‘Songs from the Imaginary Dancehall’ EP by Beltism
  • The ‘Post:Soc’ compilation benefit for Depaul International homelessness charities
  • The ‘Swagger’ EP by Beltism.

The vision behind One String Inspiration was to push the artists outside their comfort zones; we challenged the artists to incorporate a home-made instrument or a found object – strings, wind, percussion, anything at all – that can be processed in any way but must be prominent in the mix. The end result was an album of exceptional creativity, sometimes melodic, sometimes experimental and sometimes frankly plain disturbing. The compilation raised a decent amount of money for Syria Relief, boosted by our decision to make it available on physical CD, rather than just digital download only. You can listen to and buy One String Inspiration from its own Bandcamp site, here:


Having done the legwork of setting up a netlabel, it seemed foolish not to use it for our house band, Beltism. Unfortunately Beltism don’t fit neatly into any bag: sometimes it’s ambient, another day Krautrock, the next it’s EDM. We do try to make the EPs vaguely thematic but it’s all driven by our ever-changing moods. All but the latest release is ‘pay what you want’, over at Bandcamp: Beltism Discography

After the success of One String Inspiration, we launched Post:Soc, a compilation of thoughts, comments and reactions to our “post-everything” society. More about Post:Soc in a later update.

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