music for end of year lists // split release

dreams about the ceiling

“when i was a kid i used to have trouble falling asleep. i would lie there with my eyes open, gazing at the sea of white stucco on the ceiling for long periods of time. even though i wasn’t asleep, i would experience various waking dream scenarios of being on the vast ceiling. sometimes it was a landscape with roads, other times just floating just above a speckled white abyss. coming back was jarring, feeling like the bed was tipping and i was about to fall out.

these pieces were improvised and recorded in one take, between late december 2020 and early february 2021. the song played by the subway station busker at the end is ‘sleep walk’ by santo and johnny”

gods hands pt. XII

hyacinth. is a multi~disciplinary artist residing deep in the heart of cascadia. drawing influences from suzanne ciani & morton subotnick, they recorded their improvised piece in a cold garage in north portland in the winter of 2k18.

Available as DL and limited edition cassette.
March 26, 2021

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