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Just a quick update on the Exhibition compilation project. We've had some superb entries so far, including tracks from Noise Cluster, Ian Haygreen, Cousin Silas, Alan Morse Davis, Merge, James Hoehl, Lucidbeaming, Nurse Predator, Spartan Jet-Plex, Earthborn Visions, Rauppwar, Manga Brothers, Autonomaton and Zumaia. What is particularly pleasing is that 10 of these artists have never appeared …

Monolith Cocktail review: Post:Soc

Monolith Cocktail’s detailed review of Post:Soc. Definitely +1hp for use of “moiety”.

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A somewhat shorter selection but just as much quality and eclecticism, my final roundup of the year includes the cinematic pop and harrowing void explorations of Alpine Those Myriads; the latest compilations from Edinburgh label of alternative and post rock mavericks and sonic explorers, Bearsuit RecordsThe Invisible & Divided Sea, and the altruistic, charity driven Submarine Broadcasting Company’s latest sprawling collection, Post:Soc; the fourth edition of Knitting Factory’s curated Fela Kuti box sets, with albums chosen by that rebel soul songstress and polymath Erykah Badu; and for the first time ever the entire – admittedly small – 1970s recorded oeuvre of one of Cameroon’s leading Gandjal rhythm providers, Hamad Kalkaba and his Golden Sounds band.

Alpine Those Myriads   ‘Visions & Disorders’
See Hear Feel Smell,  out now.

Set adrift out into the void, though…

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New compilation news

We called for submissions (see Call for submissions) and submissions were submitted! We've already received tracks from Manga Brothers, Autonomaton and Zumaia, plus many more expressions of interest. The closing date is not until end of March 2018, so you have either loads of time or barely any time at all, depending on how …