Klang Kickstarter now live

Today we launch our Kickstarter for our biggest release yet, Klang. The vinyl edition contains tracks from:

  • Six By Seven
  • Unimother 27
  • Oulu Space Jam Collective
  • Dynamo Snackbar
  • Peri Esvultras
  • t.r. hand
  • Beltism

Don’t do vinyl? That’s OK, we have extended editions with 6 extra tracks on CD and digital download. We’ve got tee shirts, fine art prints, signed stuff, it will be lovely.

Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing; if we don’t hit our financial target we can’t press the vinyl. And that simply won’t do.

You can remind yourself about the story of Klang here and then go spend some money on Kickstarter:

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