goii // The German Ocean

goii (German Ocean 2) is the follow up to the Brighton post-ambient dronescape merchants' eponymous debut, also launched via Submarine Broadcasting Company earlier this year. Where The German Ocean took listeners to the cold deep North seas, goii reaches for the skies. Darren tells us that the five (six if you include download-only / companion …

Non-Traumatic Events // Phirinis & Chorchill

"Non-Traumatic Events" is a special collaboration between electronic musician Phirnis from Austria and his German colleague Chorchill. On this split release, both move a bit towards the other, producing some of their most adventurous material to date. The resulting sonic accidents are sometimes harsh, sometimes ambient, and always non-traumatizing.       Credits Released September …

Incentive // Incentive

Incentive's second self-titled album is also available digitally from circle with a dot, here: incentive.bandcamp.com/album/incentive-2021 Credits released September 17, 2021 Incentive - production, vocals, synthesizer, mixing Chase Jackson - master engineer Nice Flaws & Incentive - album art

You Only Call Me When There’s An Apocalypse // Wodwo

Relative newcomer on the scene, Wodwo is the alias of Derbyshire musician and author Ray Robinson. An award-winning novelist and coveted screenwriter with literary works that have been adapted into major motion pictures, Robinson’s foray into the music world as Wodwo began in 2018. His gentle ambient and lush neo-classical compositions have quickly attracted a …

ad hoc // Everling

Detlev Everling is a German French horn player who loves to produce electronic music. He especially enjoys collaborating with other musicians all over the world, such as Bridget Wishart, Michael Brückner or Spirits Burning. 'ad hoc' includes five improvisations, using various synthesizers, software-synthesizers and electronic devices. Beata Augustyn (Mandragora) from Poland later adds her vocals …

Palpable // Expose Your Eyes

On this release by Palpable old school E.Y.E tactics of drone, tone and texture steadily but constantly change when thrown into a shifting sandpit of technology - somehow smooth but gritty and raw at the same time.

News from the Conning Tower: Sommer

Our second (and final) release for July is Sommer by DR (Dominic Razlaff from Germany). Sommer is a collection of ambient drones combined with field recordings and found sounds, ideal for drifting away to on these long and languid summer days. Sommer is available as digital download, exclusively on Bandcamp.