goii // The German Ocean

goii (German Ocean 2) is the follow up to the Brighton post-ambient dronescape merchants’ eponymous debut, also launched via Submarine Broadcasting Company earlier this year. Where The German Ocean took listeners to the cold deep North seas, goii reaches for the skies. Darren tells us that the five (six if you include download-only / companion EP CD bonus track Moschoir 98) tracks here are meant to act as an imagined map into a world of thinning oxygen, eerie drones and icy stillness. If there is a narrative, it is one where expectation, thrill and dread dance and weave a strange lament…….or is it all just (a beautiful) noise?

“More claustrophobic intense ambient/drone masterpieces from the German Ocean. It’s submersive and
subversive as the soundscape opens up, develops and consumes me whole!”
— Dave Barnard, Short Tokes


Released October 11, 2021

Music by The German Ocean
Recorded and mixed by The German Ocean at The Garage and Riverside, Sussex, spring – summer 2021
Mastered by Claude Aldous at Aldous Estate Mastering, Canton, New York
Photography & design by Darren j Holloway
additional imagery and film by Gavin Martin

The German Ocean would like to thank:
Rob Mellor @ Submarine Broadcasting Company for believing in us and making us laugh a lot; Claude ‘The Master’ Aldous for his skills, care and class; Andy Wood @ TQ Zine for pretty much everything he does; GRM @ Metsään for the amazing Binaural Drone Capsule and cool stickers; Gibson and Fender for the guitars; Laney for the amplifiers; Boss and Electro-Harmonix for the other knob-twiddling devices; Matt Shenton for his boundless encouragement, enthusiasm and French Fancies; Paul Murrell and David Howcroft for being beautiful humans; David Barr @ Vital Things (pedals, decency and wit, again)…and anyone else who spends a little time with us, now and into the future.



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