News from the conning tower: British Library

I have been approached by the British Library to lodge copies of Post:Soc and One String Inspiration with them for posterity.

Speaking entirely personally, while this is not strictly a badge of merit like being inducted into the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame or anything, I am quite proud that something a group of worldwide independent musicians and and I have jointly made will be preserved for future generations to puzzle over, and it’s nice to think of One String Inspiration nestling comfortably between Never Mind the Bollocks and Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

I’ll try to post an update when the recordings have been accessioned (that’s the term, apparently) and we can all converge on the British Library and demand to hear them.


Monolith Cocktail review: Post:Soc

Monolith Cocktail’s detailed review of Post:Soc. Definitely +1hp for use of “moiety”.

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A somewhat shorter selection but just as much quality and eclecticism, my final roundup of the year includes the cinematic pop and harrowing void explorations of Alpine Those Myriads; the latest compilations from Edinburgh label of alternative and post rock mavericks and sonic explorers, Bearsuit RecordsThe Invisible & Divided Sea, and the altruistic, charity driven Submarine Broadcasting Company’s latest sprawling collection, Post:Soc; the fourth edition of Knitting Factory’s curated Fela Kuti box sets, with albums chosen by that rebel soul songstress and polymath Erykah Badu; and for the first time ever the entire – admittedly small – 1970s recorded oeuvre of one of Cameroon’s leading Gandjal rhythm providers, Hamad Kalkaba and his Golden Sounds band.

Alpine Those Myriads   ‘Visions & Disorders’
See Hear Feel Smell,  out now.

Set adrift out into the void, though…

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Forthcoming attractions…

Well, delighted to hear that the final track for Post:Soc Post:Script (you know, the third disc of the double album) is nearing completion. This is good news on several fronts: firstly it means the pre-orders can be fulfilled, and that the Post:Soc publicity machine can roll into action and hopefully we’ll raise some money for DePaul International. But also it means that the forthcoming Submarine Broadcasting projects can be announced… yes, projects plural. Musicians and sound designers, watch this space as you won’t want to miss this!

Also, we seem to be very near to signing a new artist to the label, which is terrifically exciting! Not going to say too much as it’s early days and there is some detail to thrash out yet, but fingers and toes are crossed.

Post:Soc – the what and the why

After One String Inspiration, we concluded it would be good to do another charity compilation. At the time, Trump and Brexit were looming large in the news; we had a lot of coverage of post-truth/post-fact society; here in the UK we were trying to work out what post-EU society will look like. In any particular week you might hear mentions of post-feminism, post-post-modernism (nope, no idea), post-media, post-capitalism. And who doesn’t love a bit of post-rock from time to time. So, it feels like rather a “post-everything” society. And that was the brief we gave to contributors.

We were rather overwhelmed with the numbers of entries; it became apparent very quickly that if we were to do a CD release (which we wanted to) that it would need to be a double CD. And even though we were complete spoilsports by restricting folks to 6-minute tracks, once we began the CD mastering process, we found that even 2 CDs would not be enough. Commercially it probably would have been more sensible to reject or park some of the tracks, so we could have had a “big bang” launch, but that would have been far too easy. So instead, the first 30 tracks were released as Post:Soc, with the remainder to be released on a second volume.

Post:Soc contains tracks from Bridget Wishart & Everling, Cousin Silas, Martin Neuhold, Carbonates on Mars, Glove of Bones feat. Peter Wullen, a collection of artists borrowed from Bearsuit’s roster including Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai, Bunny & the Invalid Singers and Kirameki, and many, many more. All proceeds from Post:Soc go to the DePaul International group of homelessness charities.

Post:Soc is available as a digital download from iTunes and Amazon, and available as a download or physical CD from Bandcamp, here: