Call for submissions

We are pleased to announce the launch of not one, not two, but three new compilations!

The project, which for now we are calling Exhibition, will comprise three volumes:

  • Experimental – this will contain the experimental (gasp!), atmo, 0bpm and possibly the dark ambient.
  • Ambient – the intention that this will be for regular ambient/instrumental pieces. Serve chilled.
  • Miscellany – everything else, so alt-pop, synthwave, space rock, indie, radio-friendly and so on.

We might tweak the classifications as we go, depending on the volume of tracks of different genres, but you get the idea. The finished product will initially be three “name your price” compilations on Bandcamp. Unlike One String Inspiration and Post:Soc, this will not go immediately to CD, but depending on the number of submissions, general interest, and depth of our coffers, there may be some physical formats (CD, vinyl, cassette or the burgeoning 8-track cartridge revival). Whether that is one CD/LP per compilation, or one CD/LP across all three will be determined at a later date.

Rules and Guidelines for Submissions

  1. To be included your track should either:
    1. Be about (or inspired by) folklore, and/or folk tales. This is the theme! Think Wicker Man, Herne the Hunter, folk horror, Struwwelpeter, Aboriginal dreamtime, chupacabra, peyote-induced fevre dreams. Or…
    2. Contain field-recordings: birds, church bells, cricket on the village green, Tokyo metro, the ocean, next-door’s dog, anything you like. But we want your field recordings; no sneakily downloading stuff from because we will know! Or…
    3. Contain spoken word: poetry, literature, whatever you like. But again, we want your voice, not Richard Burton.
  2. Your track does NOT have to include all three. Did you notice the little “or” words between each item?
  3. Your track must be your original work, no cover versions.
  4. Your track must be new or unreleased, and remain unreleased until after the compilations have launched. You retain all rights to your music.
  5. You can submit one track to each compilation, if you wish. If you are unsure what compilation your track qualifies for, submit anyway and we will place it in the appropriate volume.
  6. We reserve the right to move tracks between volumes for reasons of flow, balance and sheer bloody-mindedness. If we think your track fits better in ambient than experimental, that’s where it will go.
  7. There is no limit on track length (but bear in mind that if this does go to CD, a six minute track is easier to accommodate than a 20 minute opus).
  8. Tracks to be submitted by WeTransfer or Dropbox. Please use: submarinebroadcastingco at gmail dot com. Please use the format: artistname_tracktitle.wav
  9. WAV or AIFF format only. 16 or 24 bit preferred.
  10. The closing date is 31st March 2018
  11. The thing about 8-track cartridges was a lie. Sorry ’bout that.

There are some other ideas, that will be revealed as we go along, but nothing that is contrary to the points above, so get your composing heads on and get busy!


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