Microscripts // Cabbaggage

Dedicated to Robert Walser, whose life and writing provided the inspiration and impetus for this album. Each piano piece is a meditation on a corresponding "microscript" that Walser wrote, hence the titles. The two cassette-exclusive bonus tracks were especially reflective of Carl Seelig's accounts of their walks together. My first introduction to Walser was through …

Game Show by The Blank Holiday

The Blank Holidays make lofi folk, electronic, ambient, experimental and pop music in Brussels, Belgium. Game Show uses field recordings made in the past ~3 years and digital music production tools in development to catalogue and highlight the minutiae of a mundane life. Released December 9, 2022 All compassion & performance by The Blank Holidays

Summer of Synth // A retrospective view

From June through to August we released a series of albums that were unconnected other by the hash tag #SummerOfSynth.  In this news missive we revisit those releases with the hope that they are discovered by some folks who may have missed them the first time round.

Constant Imbalances III // Hans Castrup

The newly released Constant Imbalances III is reviewed HERE on Beach Sloth, and for this we are eternally grateful. Transcribed....... Unstable compositions aptly named, Hans Castrup’s “Constant Imbalances” plays with dissonance. Piano features prominently throughout adding the melody and, at times, the rhythm. Everything within the compositions gets melted away. With the inclusion of electronics, the …

goii // The German Ocean

goii (German Ocean 2) is the follow up to the Brighton post-ambient dronescape merchants' eponymous debut, also launched via Submarine Broadcasting Company earlier this year. Where The German Ocean took listeners to the cold deep North seas, goii reaches for the skies. Darren tells us that the five (six if you include download-only / companion …