News from the Conning Tower: Crayon Angels

As previously mentioned on here and other social media, we are very excited to welcome Crayon Angels to our small-but-adequately-formed operation at SBC.

Crayon Angels will be releasing their next EP, ‘Postcards’ on Submarine Broadcasting Co. on the 5th February, available on CD and digital download from Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.

The Angels’ blend of melody-driven jangly semi-acoustic guitar pop may seem a radical departure from our normal output of experimental and ambient genres but we’re really excited about this new direction. The Angels’ pervasive musicality, embracing elements of folk and jazz, and fiercely intelligent lyrics in a quintessential English style make for a unique musical offering; we describe it as guitar pop for grown-ups, but Crayon Angels themselves are typically modest: “pleasant humans playing some nice songs”.

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