News from the Conning Tower: Sub the Sub

Having given it some thought, and after doing some sums, we’ve decided to enable a new feature which will be of interest to our regular customers: the Submarine Broadcasting Company Supporter’s Club.

It’s a Bandcamp subscription service. You pay £5 a month and you get access to the digital versions of everything we do, plus a large chunk of our back catalogue. You’ll also get a decent discount from our merch, messages from us, and other unique offers. Given that we release roughly two releases every month, averaging between £6 and £10, paying a paltry £5 is great value, not to mention the 30+ releases that will be instantly yours from the back catalogue (with more to be added as time goes by).

You also have the option to spend a little more (£6/month) and get a CD every month, or a little more again (£8/month) and get a cassette every month. How marvellous!

It goes without saying that the subscription model is fantastically beneficial to us too; it offers a predictable income, which allows us to budget for bigger and better releases in the months ahead.

You can get full details about the Supporter’s Club here:

Come on in, the water’s lovely.

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