Ghost by Bridget Wishart & the Band of Doctors | Review

Review by Gary Hill in the Music Street Journal

I had no idea what to expect here. Well, I had ideas that it would be a space rock set, and some of it is, but I really didn’t grasp just how much territory this album would cover. I also had no idea how strong it would be. I’ve recently begun thinking about my “best of 2020” list, and I will be shocked if this doesn’t make it It’s one of the most unique and compelling releases I’ve heard in a while. It’s also important to point out that this album supports a great cause Refugee Action. The team responsible for this set have really produced a masterpiece.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2020  Volume 6. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Read the full review and track by track comment HERE

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You can buy this great album here as download or cassette.

All proceeds from Ghost go to Refugee Action 2017, Rob Mellor put out a call on Facebook for musicians to contribute to a benefit CD for Syria Relief. He stipulated that each track feature a homemade instrument. Gabe and Russell had a slew of homemade instruments, but no vocalist. On the other side of the pond, Bridget’s elastic band creations looked pretty, but were duds to sing with.

B and G, having previously joined musical forces with Spirits Burning were happy pooling resources. So, via the power of the Internet plus human talent and ingenuity, ‘Sorrow’ was created and included on ‘One String Inspiration’. Released on Submarine Broadcasting Company, the label Rob formed for the project, the CD caught the eye of, and has been included in the British Library Archive. Rob then dubbed us Bridget Wishart and the Band of Doctors. Though, in truth, Bridget and Gabe are mere Masters and try hard not to feel diminished in Russ and the Collective’s ‘Doctorly’ company.

Released October 31, 2020

Band members and sightings:

Bridget Wishart
MFA, Master of Art; Hawkwind, Hawkestrel, Spirits Burning, Chumley Warner Brothers

Russell D. Brown
PhD, Doctor of Music; Valdosta Symphony, Hilton Head Symphony, Picardy Junction, Funkology

Gabriel Monticello
MM, Master of Bass; Albany Symphony (Principal), Valdosta Symphony, Savannah Philharmonic, Space Mirrors, Artifactual String Unit

The Collective, headed by Doctor of Rhythm (Steve) are:
Dr Stephen Primatic
Dr Benjamin Warsaw
Dr Matt Roehrich
Dr Danny Rowland
Master Tom FitzStephens
Master Karen Adair
Master Kyna Elliot
Master Tracy Woodard
Julia Wadman
Scott Kroll
Alliene Bouchard



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