Ys / Alan Morse Davis

New release on your favourite Indi/Amdi/Expi cassette net label

There are many ancient stories of cities that were swallowed by the sea and this is one, off the coast of Brittany. 

I imagined it to be quite cosmopolitan so it starts with Corsican chant then moves to alarm because someone left the seawall open allegedly. 

Then it is submerged, folk look for survivors and finally it becomes a story told to children. 

With thanks to Alan Stivell for letting me mash up samples of his work. 


Alan Morse Davies’ acclaimed album on CD, presented in an eco-friendly matt mini-LP sleeve with inner liner.



Released February 8, 2021

Pre Order and take a listen on the @bandcamp site

#subcastco #newmusic #cassette #independantartists #musicisthebest 

Link in bio to our Bandcamp Store



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