Elsehow – Live Underwater

Exclusive Live Stream Event
June 19, 2021
Start time
8:00 PM GMT+1
Live from the Black Lodge, SBC present Elsehow – Live Underwater.
Elsehow’s music is a combination of art pop, electronica, and melodic instrumentals that range from ambient through to cinematic. For this performance, Piero Delux will be joined by percussionist Siegfried Meesters to play live tracks from Elsehow’s first two albums and a selection of new songs from the forthcoming album.
The concert is streamed live on Bandcamp, and tickets are a minuscule £1.

Sign up on Bandcamp page HERE

This live stream is hosted on Bandcamp, and requires a free Bandcamp fan account to view.
A replay of this stream will be available for 24 hours.
You can also follow the schedule via Face Book HERE and invite your friends.
This is our first live stream so the more feedback (not that kind of feedback) the better we can plan future events.
Get fully prepared by acquiring the recent Elsehow album on the link below.

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