Ayni // Iyari


Released April 26, 2021

1 – Senya: Lluís Paloma Sánchez: Bass with delay, piano, electric piano, harps, Hammond organ, vibes, strings, synthesizers / Iyari: Guitar.

2 – Dreamcatcher: Iyari: All instruments.

3 – November mist: Jaime L. Pantaleón: Guitars, synth / Iyari: Bass, drum, synth.

4 – Moontalkers: Sula Bassana: Guitar, ebow, organ, fretless bass / Iyari: Guitar.

5 – Silent Revolution: Mark Cunningham: Trumpet / Iyari: Guitar.

6 – Thunder Prayer: Jad Fair: Vocals / Iyari: Guitar.

7 – Both: Chris Eckman: Drone, synth / Iyari: Guitar, synth.

8 – Powder Breeze: Broke Lord: Lyrics, vocals / Iyari: Guitars, synth, drums.

9 – Daturah: Colin Powell (A Multitude of One): Lead Guitars and Flute / Iyari: Guitar, bass, drums, synth.

10 – Storm and Fate: Martin Neuhold: Lead guitars / Iyari: Guitar, drum.

11 – Yuma’s dream: Produced by Iyari. Lyrics by Cotton Casino. Music by Iyari & Cotton Casino. Vocals by Cotton Casino. Electric Guitar by Bill Turney. Iyari: Guitar .Vocal & Guitar Recorded, mixed by Bill Turney in USA 2020.

Recorded in House of Butterflies in Talamanca (Barcelona) during 2020/2021

Mastered by Rob Mellor at the Submarine Broadcasting Centre

Cover picture by Duong Tran Quoc

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