Sacred Winged Door // Patrick R. Pärk

“At times sinister horror movie soundtrack, others its a sun-drenched beach romance of Berlin School styled ambient electronica. Fantastic.
Pass me my blissful hippie orb please..”
— Dave Barnard, Short Tokes
Released December 3, 2021

Material recorded November 2021 at the FoCo Zodiak Sound Lab in the Horsetooth Mountains.
Written and Performed by Patrick R. Pärk
Special thanks to the Pärk Family Orchestre, OPAS, and Rob Mellor
Artwork by OPAS
Cassette design by Rob Mellor
Mastered by FoCo Sonic Studios

“Cassette version of this beauty arrived today, oh my god this is GOOD. 4 extended pieces that see a sort of jazzy new age prog completely colliding with Cold War era retro-waves. Imagine the sun beating down on a Soviet tower block. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Green Powdered Magmas.”

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