Palpable // Expose Your Eyes

On this release by Palpable old school E.Y.E tactics of drone, tone and texture steadily but constantly change when thrown into a shifting sandpit of technology - somehow smooth but gritty and raw at the same time.

Structures // The Gaye Device

Hazy and ethereal sonic walls of future retro cyber synth cascading and slowly evolving, creating an ambient and dreamy soundscape, transporting the listener to other worlds via cinematic synthetic lush wonder.

News from the Conning Tower: new release round-up

Blimey Charlie, it's been busy. Several new releases to catch-up on, so straight to business, if you please. Flavigula: JēmarazJēmaraz is an album incorporating ambient krautrock soundscapes, samples and live instrumentation that will delight fans of progressive and art rock. Each composition on Jēmaraz creates colourful, heady landscapes that are simultaneously dark and light, disorienting …