Through the Neverending Side of Silence // Dharvol


“Beautiful introspective #Kosmiche #spacerock #postrock. Opening accessible tracks guiding towards a total wig out 20 minute title track indulgence. See you on the other side!”
— Dave Barnard, Short Tokes
Released November 1, 2021

All music by Josep Mateo.
Josep Mateo – Guitars and bass
Jim Dooley – Drums

Recorded in House of Butterflies studio in Talamanca (Barcelona)
Mastered by Rob Mellor at the Submarine Broadcasting Centre
Cover art by Lakami

Special thanks to Lakami, Rob Mellor and Adrian Nicholls from Submarine Broadcasting Company, Huss Garcés, Emili Puigdemont, Klemen Breznikar from, Antonio Martín from and Antonio Chico from

Dharvol Cassette
“A great instrumental record with Post Rock and Psychedelic but also desert rock and experimental. Love itFavorite track: Where You Belong.”
“It’s an introspective album that inspires you to take a step back, relax for a while and pay attention to the music. The title track stands out not only for its lenght but also because it’s so entertaining that it’s over before you know it. Overall, a great album.Favorite track: Through the Neverending Side of Silence.”
“Spellbinding instrumental record of space rock and psychedelic post rockness. A real thing of beauty especially the twenty minute long title track, fantastic record.Favorite track: Through the Neverending Side of Silence.”
“This is such a great album, beautiful, moving and clever in it’s delivery.
Highly recommended Favorite track: Where You Belong.”
“Dharvol are masters of squeezing the most out of space and openly simple concepts. It’d be more deserving of the title “minimalism” if the track lengths were shorter, but no one in post rock is doing more with “less”.”

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