Daniel Vujanic // Paramnesia

At the Submarine Broadcasting Company, we pride ourselves on releases that refuse to sit neatly in one category. Paramnesia, by Daniel Vujanic genuinely epitomises this: in places ambient, other times krautrock, sometimes post-rock, all with deft jazz inflections throughout. Organic music featuring cello, cornet, saxophone, dulcimer, all intermingled with synthesisers, electric guitars and field recordings. Paramnesia is lean and minimal in its movements, but with great depth and soul in its compositions. It’s thoughtful and beautiful throughout.

Daniel Vujanic is a multi-instrumentalist from Stuttgart, Germany. He has previously recorded as a solo artist with esc.rec, and Pavlek Records, and as part of the band Zebularin on Cruel Nature and Steep Gloss.

Written, arranged, produced by Daniel Vujanic
Recorded and mixed @ Electric Park by Daniel Vujanic
Additional recordings executed @ Atelier Ka-Ha and @ Beletage
Mastered by Niko Lazarakopoulos @ Beletage in April 2021

“Jedermann ist gefolgt von einem Schatten, aber je weniger dieser im bewussten Leben des Individuums verkörpert ist, desto schwärzer und dichter ist er. “
— C.G. Jung

This is part two of three

Released June 25, 2021

Daniel Kartmann drum kit, cornetto, vibraphone, hammered dulcimer, percussion, piano, Fender Rhodes
Ekkehard Roessle tenor saxophone
Daniel Vujanic electric guitars, synthesizers, electronics, cello, field recordings, percussion, sound processing

Artwork by Daniel Vujanic. Layout by Rob Mellor.

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