Structures // The Gaye Device

Hazy and ethereal sonic walls of future retro cyber synth cascading and slowly evolving, creating an ambient and dreamy soundscape, transporting the listener to other worlds via cinematic synthetic lush wonder.

The Gaye Device is the alter ego of electronic kosmische musician Andrew Howden. Residing in the picturesque West Yorkshire town of Morley, Andrew has been sculpting oddtronica since the early 90s. Inspired by the DIY ethics of punk, new wave and rave with a dash of 70s kosmische ambient synthesizers, The Gaye Device creates pools of sparkling soundwaves for aural immersion to cleanse away negative frequencies.
Released July 5, 2021

All tracks written and produced by Andrew Howden.

Eternal thanks to:
Rob @ SBC, Ghost Money Systems, John Fisher, Anna P., Daz Loyde, Dave Hill, Fiona Hill, Jenny Lyon, Joanna Neale, Howard G., Richard Levy, Phillip Clarke, Cath Muldowney, Seffi Starshine, Fae Moonbeam, Scott Lawler, SFTS. I Eternal, Lessthanone, Norbert Kutz, Beto Dean, Elimar Em, Dino Wiand, Cosmos Rennert.

All my love to Alan forever.

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