An announcement from Captain Bob

We will be making some changes at the Submarine Broadcasting Company. Here are the bits you need to know.

After 5 years at the helm, I will be standing down, and our trusty XO Adrian will take the conn and plot the course from here. Submarine metaphors out the way, I will still be involved for time-being, mostly in the back-room functions (fulfilment, distribution, accounts, licensing and so on), but Adrian will take over the artistic direction of the label, the social media presence, publicity and most significantly the ‘artists and repertoire’ function.

For our listeners, followers and fans, our existing catalogue will remain available for now, and I’m sure you will enjoy the new releases that we have in the pipeline. It’s likely that the rate of new releases will slow down, particularly in the short-term while Adrian gets his knees under the desk. I’ll send a separate communication to subscribers detailing what options exist for you.

For our existing artists, our commitments to you remain unchanged. Your music remains yours, but we will continue to present it on Bandcamp (and other digital platforms) while you allow us to do so. Your relationship with me regarding existing releases is unchanged, but for any prospective future releases you will be dealing with Adrian.

For prospective new SBC artists (and existing artists looking for new releases), you will be dealing with Adrian and the way SBC operates will be slightly different. Nothing too major, there are just a couple of tweaks to improve the communication and relationship between label and artist.

Due to our entirely non-corporate infrastructure, it will take us a while to iron out all the comms, so please bear with us if you email Rob but get Adrian, or email Adrian but get Rob. Probably best to be polite to both of us, just in case. Similarly, our Twitter ‘voice’ will change at some point, we’ll try to publicise this at the time.

To all the artists that have entrusted us with your work, and all the listeners that have been so supportive, a heartfelt thank you. I hope you enjoy the next leg of the journey.

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