News Bullet of Love

Greetings to all the lovely people reading this. Please point and laugh at the folks who missed it, but be sure to share a link.

As you will have noticed, it has been another quiet month on the Submarine, but we have some cracking stuff coming up in the next few months.

We have a new release from label main stay Hans Castrup. This coming down the line and we will posting pre-release details on the Bandcamp page soon. It may be a follow up to Constant Imbalances III, but it might not. We promote freedom and none numerical progression. Fuck the rules.

Following sharply behind are Antonello Perfetto & Greg Nieuwsma with their truly beautiful new recording ‘Hiyachuchi’.  Comprising 8 incredible tracks of what may possibly be fourth world music (I’m not in the genre police so this might or might not be accurate) but it certainly has wide ranging global influences.

Greg notes “The genesis for the idea actually came from Haruki Murakami’s “Wild Sheep Chase” and many of the song titles (and that of the album) come from either Japanese or “Ainu” (a nearly dead language spoken in the Hokkaido province/northern most island of Japan”.

Prepare your mind by exploring the Aquarium HERE.

This will be a digital release in early April with a CD edition with variant covers by SubCastCo artwork intern the Glove of Bones.

We have three new artists who will be presenting some highly original projects that are in some cases a big departure from our normal releases. There are NDA’s akimbo so I’m barred from expanding on this. Watch this space. And learn French…… but I’ve said too much already.

We will have a new album from Iyari, this is cooking nicely and will be landing in the next couple of months. In the mean time, do check out his last release Ayni HERE

Moving into the summer, there is a long threatened follow up to the last Cousin Silas & the Glove of Bones album ‘Kafou In Avalonia’. Early word is that this a departure from the AmbiDub of the previous releases and includes ‘satanic dream pop & dark metal drone with carnivalesque undertones’. New Runes will have a cassette edition and a very limited print edition if the G.O.B can focus for once.

They did manage to share an early track which you can hear on the link below.

The Quartermaster Stores Dept advise that we do have a good stock of t-shirts available. if that’s for you drop us a cheeky email.

We are all up for accepting new artist submissions, pop over tor the Contact Us page. We promise to reply to all incoming submissions.

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