Low Spirits Cage by Iyari

Low Spirits Cage is our fourth release by Barcelona based artist Iyari.

“After “Hozro” and “Ayni” I decided to not include any collaboration in the next record. I just recorded about two hours of guitar improvisations after a long time without playing guitar due a shoulder injury and I let it be. A few months later, I started to listen and feel what could I do with that sounds and if they would become a song some way. I do not consider “Low Spirits Cage” a sad record but it’s full of darkness and mystery, this is just part of what we all are about. After a few listens, I think that’s a communion of the two projects I stopped ( Soundreamer Days and Leth ) to concentrate on Iyari.”

Released December 30, 2022
All composition and performance by Iyari.

Mastered by Rob Mellor at the Submarine Broadcasting Centre.

Cover picter by Jolly Yau

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