Psychosomatic Waves // Mazanko

Mazanko was born in lockdown during 2020 as an outlet for cerebral electronic music, with an emphasis on through composition.

Destruction of the Outer Realm, the first album of the project, was released in October 2021. It was a deliberate attempt to create electronic music primarily without the use of loops or a steady pulse, with constantly developing synth lines floating over non-repetitive beats, accompanied by field recordings, trumpet, clarinet and spoken word.

The follow-up album, Psychosomatic Waves, takes on a more rhythm-centric approach, combining interwoven polymetric patterns governed by prime numbers and meticulously arranged sound design, encompassing a wide array of self-recorded samples which explore soundscapes from the underwater depths. Added to the mix are a Korg MS-20, trumpet, extremely distorted electric bass and occasional spoken vocals. The designer of the album’s artwork, Nikusha Samsonadze, contributes guitar morphed via a delay pedal on the closer, Phylogenesis. Xenharmonic tunings are used in three tracks:


Psychosomatic Waves

7 EDphi.mid


released January 20, 2023

Mazanko – vst synths, field recordings, korg ms-20, trumpet, electric bass, sound design, voice, recording, mixing, mastering
Nikusha Samsonadze – guitar with delay pedal on “Phylogenesis”

Artwork and CD design by Nikusha Samsonadze

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