People You May Know // Crayon Angels

“This is lovely #folk infused gentle pop music. A departure for the SubCastCo label, none the less beautiful for a sunny autumnal day here in London…. or Laurel Canyon maybe! “
— Dave Barnard, Short Tokes


Released October 18, 2021

Natalina Castiglioni: Vocals
Del Halpin: Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Ian Montague: Remainder

Sil Fiore: Vocal on Track 10
Jez Gibson: Fretless Bass on Track 3
Zack Halpin: Cello on Tracks 2 & 3
Rob Mellor: Synths on Track 10

Songs by Ian Montague

Recorded by Nick Michaels at Mews Productions, Walthamstow and recorded and mixed by the band in their houses
Mastered by Phil Dearing at L Sound, London

Cover painting: ‘Rejects’ by Pete Smith
Band photos by Neil Thorne Photography


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