Palpable // Expose Your Eyes

Expose Your Eyes is the longest running project of Paul Harrison (sound mangler since the late 1980s) and has been active on and off since the early 90s. From the mid-90s to the mid-2000s Paul ran the label Fiend Recordings and during the mid to late 90s was in the noise group Smell & Quim. These days he does lots of collaborating and releases eclectic sounds (using a large array of project names) on various small labels and also his own Xemporium Bandcamp,

The E.Y.E project emerged from psychedelic experimentation and Paul has always viewed it as somewhere to explore and discover in complete freedom, unrestricted by genre – although it sailed in the wake of 1980s power electronics and Japanese noise (cruising along happily with the Underground Cassette Culture of the 1990s) the E.Y.E vision and sound splintered in myriad directions.

On this release old school E.Y.E tactics of drone, tone and texture steadily but constantly change when thrown into a shifting sandpit of technology – somehow smooth but gritty and raw at the same time.
Released July 19, 2021


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