Kredenc Kopcu // Flaigula

Written and recorded between January 2020 and June 2021 in Fresneda de la Sierra Tirón, Logroño, Myrtle Beach, Jerez de la Frontera, Moncton, Berlin and Prague.
Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Flavigula
All music and lyrics by Flavigula
Excepting the lyrics to Malý Brožka Byl Chirurg, written by Renata Connors
Artwork by Christian Michael Newman

Flavigula is –
Bob Murry Shelton & Christian Michael Newman
With –
Kris Boudreau & Jayrope

And – Rob plays an F

Various wraiths found on ancient cassette tapes occasionally appear, as well

Thanks to Michal Brožka, James Csaszar, Rob at Submarine Broadcasting, Renata Connors, Dani García, Kris Boudreau, Jayrope & Fritzie the teleporting canine.

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