seasonal hits // hyacinth

hi, i’m hyacinth & i’m a non binary native artist living in portland, oregon. last year when covid hit my partner lost their job & had a hard time keeping one, so i was the sole breadwinner for the majority of 2k20. luckily bandcamp decided to do their bc fridays, & i was able to release a different seasonal ep each month & pay off some of my bills that way. i know a lot of folks have weird feelings about music & capitalism & the line between art & commerce & there are a lot of bitter feelings about artists being made into content creators, but i’m really proud of the ep’s i put out last year & rob (who i’ve worked with in the past & is one of my favorite people) stepped in & was kind enough to release all of them in one convenient package.

thanks for listening, i hope that you enjoy.
— hyacinth. July 2021

seasonal hits comprises the following releases, under license from peradam tapes:
summer hits ep
summer hits ep II
summer hits ep III
summer hits ep IV
winter hits ep
winter hits ep II
spring hits ep


Released August 23, 2021

beats ~ hyacinth. // recorded april ~ december 2k20 at peradam house.



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