Prismatic Illusions // Hanrath & Way

Wilfried Hanrath is a German multi-genre multi-instrumentalist, Gordon Way has been a sound and visual artist in Canada for more than 40 years.
Teamed up by mutual friend Neal D. Retke for this project, they soon found their way to work together. Wilfried selected 7 of his compositions he had performed and recorded over the past three years from 2018 – 21 he thought suitable for a collaboration and sent them to Gordon with the permission to treat them just like he wanted.

The result is an amazing blend of structures and textures woven into Wilfried´s tracks, ranging from the psychotic ranting of track 1 to the dreamlike ambient in track 3 to free jazz in track 7.


Released August 23, 2021

Wilfried Hanrath: guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers, electronics, mix and master of the original tracks: mix and master of tracks 1,3,5: artwork

Gordon Way: voice and sound samples and design; mix and master of tracks 2,4,6,7.

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